Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thing 1 Complete!

Well, this was fun!

I benefitted from the advice of some folks who had already struggled with Thing 1. They said to make sure I read the directions ... completely. I took that advice to heart ... most of the time. The times I started to struggle were those when I read a direction, shifted my eyes to the computer screen and thought, "Now what the heck does that mean?" or "Okay. How the heck do I do that?" Luckily, a higher power pulled my wandering, wondering eyes back to the Thing 1 step by step directions where I simply read the next sentence or section and discovered the answers to my worried questions were provided.

I had heard some ... I shall say, "good natured" ... grumbling about creating an avatar, but I found that task especially fun. My only complaint is that I could not find a way to place a laptop computer in my avatar's outstretched arm! But I was pleasantly surprised with the number of options available to create my desired online wannabe persona. I will say that accessing all of these options was not immediately obvious ... at least to me. My advice to others would be to carefully look at all the words on the yahoo screen and eventually you will find more options to click on. It really is a site that demands experimentation. If there are explicit directions on the site for easy avatar creation, I obviously didn't spend enough time looking for them. I just winged it and started clicking on things to see what would happen. (I tend to do the same thing with "some assembly required" things I bring home from the store.)

Coming up with a blog name was difficult - but now I see that what I settled for will afford a handy theme to this whole adventure!

I'm feeling a bit more "geeky" already! The "goddess" part ... not so much.